LifeSize last week announced the general availability of the new 1.2 version software for the LifeSize Icon video conferencing system.

Version 1.2 brings a couple of great new features to not only the Icon series but LifeSize and also fixes a few of the gripes with the Icon Series.

The main new features are:

  • LifeSize Phone (2nd Gen) support
  • In-Call recording with LifeSize UVC Video Centre
  • H.264 High Profile
  • H.323 tunnelling for LifeSize UVC Transit
  • Multiple SIP registrations
  • USB adapters for VISCA and serial shell
  • Automatic provisioning via LifeSize UVC
  • Enhanced support for HDMI and a second display

The addition of H.264 High Profile is a great move by LifeSize as it brings the end points in to line with those from other vendors such as Polycom and Radvision. H.264 High Profile allows for the use of less bandwidth at all resolutions – allowing you to use higher resolutions and deploy more video conferencing end points onto your network without the need to upgrade the network.

The addition of support for the LifeSize Phone 2nd generation adds an additional intuitive user interface to the system, making it easier for power users to interact with the system as well as adding an enhanced audio pickup option to the system and the ability to cascade microphone pods with the phone for extended reach and coverage.

With the enhanced support for HDMI and the second display we now see a more functional second display with the ability to show presentations or local view on the screen when in a call instead of the mirror image on previous versions of the software.

The tunnelling and SIP enhancements are great additions to further enhance the firewall and NAT traversal options on the system as well as allowing SIP registrations to both transit servers and voip services / phone systems concurrently.

All in all, the new software is a great enhancement to the Icon 600 series of video conferencing systems, H.264 high profile has dropped the already industry low bandwidth requirements, the phone has enhanced the user experience and provided some welcome audio options and the rest of additions have helped to round off what is a great video conferencing system at a great price.

By Ben Dinnerville – Managing Director, Voice Logic Pty Ltd